Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Spot the Shot

The most interesting thing about photography is the freedom one is given with angles. The angle of the each shot makes it much more interesting.

The easiest way to create a unique photo is to think outside of the box.

Typically, photos are taken at eye level. Taking pictures from above and/or below the subject instantly gives the photographer a much more interesting shot.

Another option is through the subject's eyes. When a photographer is assigned to capture an event, a great option to capturing that event is through the particiapant's eyes.

For example, a photographer is supposed to capture a local carnival. This event is directed towards younger children. A great way to begin, the photographer could capture the carnival from their knees. This makes them see everything a child would see as he particiapted in the carnival activities.

Framing the Subject

The word framing in this case refers to the artifical "frame" that a photographer creates with objects around his subject.
A frame could be trees, logs, windows, or anything that can "frame" the subject.
Frames are typically darker than the subject. The light difference allows reader's attention to be drawn right to the subject.